Lets go way back… I grew up in New Mexico. From the get go I had some very mystical experiences, after all it is the land of enchantment. At night my grandmother who had passed away would tuck me in to bed, I would see angels above my bed, I would feel the what I perceived then as witches that would send me spirit owls to sit outside my window, I would invoke the spirit animals from my stuffed animals to guide me and keep me safe. My Grandfather had a ranch, there I would see the farmer who lived on the land before my grandfather did. I would see the indigenous people that lived there and I would see the old miner hiding in a tiny shack that was out in the middle of no where. I had a strong inkling that my perceptions were more than imagination but it just did not seem necessary or relevant to share. What if people thought I was crazy? A relevant thing to note is that I was not raised in any formal religion. I did feel like I had a very strong connection to God and was rigorous about praying. Again this was not a taught trait but a very intuitive inclination. I would line up opportunities to go to church with my Grandfather, a family friend, etc., As a child I would essentially take myself to church. After I few years I realized that that was not the place for me to best connect with my Higher Power. From there I explored religions and philosophy to the max. I would tell people that I woud feel things and sense things and was told it was imaginary.

Finally I came to a life or death situation, this pulled me out of the intuitive closet. this made it very clear that my gifts were in fact real. I delved into studying my innate abilities. I learned many different healing modalities, energy work, spiritual practices and would meditate up to 5 hours a day for a period of time. In this period I also studied and learned under skilled and practicing channels and healers.

I have now been in business since 2013

Ancestor work & mediumship skills

I work with people around the world

A full time professional

Spoke on panels, asked to be on a t.v. show and did a radio interview.

my favorite thing to do is to teach other people how to use their gifts