Thank You

In the great words of one of my heroines, Maya Angelou:

“…And I’ve had so many rainbows in my clouds, I’ve had a lot of clouds, but I have had so many rainbows. And one of the things I do when I step up onto the stage, when I stand up to translate, when I go to teach my classes, when I go to direct a movie, I bring everyone who has ever been kind to me with me. Black, White, Asian, Spanish Speaking, Native American, Gay, Straight, EVERYBODY.  I say come with me, I’m going on the stage. Come with me I need you now. So, That knowing that, you see, so I don’t ever feel I have no help.  I’ve had rainbows in my clouds and the thing to do, it seems to me, is to prepare yourself so that you can be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. Somebody who may not look like you, may not call God the same name you call God, if they call God at all, you see.  I might not eat the same dishes that you do, I may not dance your dances or speak your language but be a blessing to somebody, that’s what I think.”

– Ms. Maya Angelou

With this, I thank all those that have been rainbows in my clouds. You are in my heart. I keep the intention that the love you have offered me will emanate to my fellow.  Thank you.