Thank you so much for reviewing my disclosure. My objective in working with you is to hold a healing space of vibrational love. When we work together, I will always be an advocate for your wellness, goals, desires, and tuning in with your natural magnificence. I have established these guidelines to help create a professional environment in which I can provide the best quality and care during our sessions.


  • Everything we speak about during sessions is strictly confidential.
  • I recommend making a digital recording or taking notes for your own future reference.
  • While we are meeting I am connecting with you and  with your energy, guides, ancestors and on many many different energetic levels. Please know that I need time to tune in to receive information and then answer your questions thoroughly.
  • I encourage you to feel comfortable and safe in asking questions or letting me know if something does not resonate. This usually means there is more to explore.
  • Occasionally, my guides will direct me to share experiences from my life that can help to clarify a point.  I try to make it clear when I am expressing an opinion versus a channeled message.
  • I am unable to answer questions for a 3rd party. If a friend or loved one has a question, please direct them to schedule an appointment.
  • I am not a doctor, therapist, or lawyer and I am unable to give advice regarding medical or legal matters. 
  • Free will is a major factor in changing one’s course and therefore I do not identify as a fortune teller.  My intention as your consultant is to find the highest vibrational course that will help you align with your goals and objectives.  Due to my extrasensory gifts and healing abilities, I have tools that enable me to coach and guide you toward these goals.  Overall, I share what my Guides of Radiant Love tell me to share; being that the intention is to achieve an optimal path for you. 
  • There are times when I am channeling that loved ones will come to connect from the other side and it is usually through my Guides. If you would like to specifically connect with loved ones, please schedule a Mediumship Session.
  • I accept texts and calls between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Outside of those hours please email me at AmandaWestbrookConsults@gmail.com or schedule an appointment online.
  • I am unable to provide guidance via text. However, if you have only one simple question, you can Venmo $5 to @awestbrook with the question in the comment section and I will provide an answer within 48 hours. For deeper inquiries, please schedule an appointment.

Guidelines for Mediumship Session

  • For Mediumship Sessions, please schedule as such. 
  • I ask that you limit your dialogue to 1-2 people per session and please let me know who it is you would like to connect with. This will enable me to efficiently and effectively connect with them, without spending as much time or energy sorting out other energies. My goal is to enhance the amount of time in which you can actively connect with your loved one.
  • You will likely receive evidential information, but I do not make efforts to convince anyone that I am a medium. I find that if I am trying to convince anyone of the validity of this work, then it interferes with the work itself.
  • Cooperation is very helpful as it opens up the space energetically and allows more information to come to light.


Continuing to schedule a session after reading this disclosure is an agreement to allow me to receive energetic information that will be of benefit to you. Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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