Monday to Friday 12PM to 7PM Central Time

Thank you so much for reviewing my disclosure. My objective in working with you is to hold a healing space of vibrational love. When we work together, I will always be an advocate for your wellness, goals, desires, and tuning in with your natural magnificence. I have established these guidelines to help create a professional environment in which I can provide the best quality and care during our sessions.

  • Everything we speak about during sessions is kept confidential. 
  • During the session it is essential for you to be in a private and quiet place, preferably seated (not driving), where we are able to focus.   When we are meeting, I am connecting with you on many different levels including with your energy, guides, and ancestors. Please allow time between questions and comments for me to tune in, receive information, and answer your inquiries thoroughly. If your environment is noisy or you are distracted it affects my ability to focus and therefore compromises the quality of the work. 
  • When scheduling an appointment, the individual who the appointment is scheduled for is the person I work with. Having more people involved in the session affects focus and can lead to inaccuracy.  When we are on the phone do not use speaker.
  • Couple sessions are available which you can find on the online scheduler. 
  • I am not a doctor. I cannot replace proper medical care. 
  • I am not a therapist. I am not trained for mental health crises. 
  • I am not a lawyer.
  •  You can expect that the information you are getting is a channeled message. Often my guides will have me use stories from my experience as a way to clarify a message. I refrain from offering opinions. If I do offer an opinion, I will be mindful to let you know.
  • I am unable to answer questions for a 3rd party. If a friend or loved one has a question, please direct them to schedule an appointment.
  • I recommend making a digital recording or taking notes for your own future reference. I do not keep notes or document sessions as my focus is to interpret and channel information. 
  • I do have premonitions and see different timelines but I do not identify as a fortune teller. It is my goal to empower my clients with tools and energy to connect with their own power and intuition. The choices you and others make are products of free will; I do not and cannot take responsibility for your finances, friendship, romance, work, health, your choices or other peoples’ choices.
  • I do not provide coaching and guidance over text messaging.
  • I work with people around the world so please keep in mind when scheduling via text or email that all times scheduled will be US Central Standard Time. The online scheduler has an option to adjust to your time zone. 
  • To schedule an appointment please use the automated scheduler. If you need to schedule over email or text Venmo is preferred and my username is @awestbrook.  PayPal is a third option with an additional fee of $5 or use the Friends and Family Option for free with the email AmandaWesbrookConsults@gmail.com.
  • 24 Hours Notice is needed to cancel or reschedule, otherwise a $60 fee will be administered or 30 minutes will be deducted from packages.
  • If you prefer a video consultation rather than a phone consult please write “Zoom” in the comments section.

 Continuing to schedule a session after reading this disclosure is an agreement to allow me to receive energetic information that will be of benefit to you. Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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