Thank you for reviewing my disclosure. My objective in working with you is to hold you in a space of vibrational healing love. When we work together I will always be an advocate of you wellness, goals, desires and for tuning in with your natural magnificence.   I have established these guidelines in order to help you receive the best quality  and care in our sessions.

  • During our session, everything we speak about is strictly confidential.
  •  Clients will often be delighted and surprised about my ability to see past, current and future events without having been told about them. That being said, I see free will as being a major factor in changing ones course. I do not identify as a fortune teller.  My objective and goal as your consultant is to find the highest vibrational course that will help you align with your goals and objectives.  Due to my extrasensory gifts and healing abilities I have tools that enable me to coach and guide my fellow towards these goals.  As a whole,  I share what my Guides of Radiant Love tell me to share, being that the intention is to achieve an optimal path for you. 
  • I do not answer questions for or in regards to a third party.
  • I will begin channeling sessions with either answering any questions you would like to address or I will do a card reading.  You do not have to have any questions prepared, but I do recommend  being open to the process. 
  • If directed, I will perform a quick clearing and blessing.
  • I encourage you to feel comfortable and safe in asking questions and letting me know if something does not resonate. This usually means there is more to explore.
  • Occasionally my guides direct me to share experiences from my life in regards to what we are talking about, which can often help clarify a point.  That said, I try and be very clear what is an opinion versus what is a channeled message.
  •  There are times when I am channeling that loved ones will come to connect from the other side and it is usually through my guides. If you are wanting to specifically connect with loved ones please schedule a Mediumship Session, thank you. 
  • I am not a doctor, therapist, or lawyer.
  • I encourage you to record or take notes during the session.


  • Guidelines for Mediumship Session
  • For Mediumship Sessions  please schedule as such. 
  • I ask that you limit your dialogue with one to two people in a session.  
  •  Letting me know who you would like to connect with will enable me to efficiently and effectively connect with the person you are wanting information from. Otherwise, I am having to sort out energies and that can take time and energy that could be used connecting with your loved one.
  •  You will likely receive evidential information but I am not one to try and convince or prove that I am a medium. In fact, I find that if I am trying to convince one of the realness of this work it interferes with the work. Cooperation is very helpful as it opens up the space energetically and allows more information to come to light.


Continuing to schedule having read this disclosure is an agreement to allow me to receive energetic information that will be a benefit to you. Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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