Fundamentals Of Energy Curriculum

Recordings will be made and put on the Facebook Group.

February 12th:


  • What are Extrasensory Gifts? 
  • What gifts do you have? 
  • How do you use them? 
  • Guidelines on how to respect your energy and others

February 19th:

Spirit Guides

  • What are Spirit Guides?
  • Is working with Spirit Guides right for you? 
  • Techniques to Connect
  • Guided Meditation 

February 26th


  • Different Modalities to Receive Messages
  • Oracle & Tarot Cards
  • Using a Pendulum
  • Scrying 
  • Group Reading, Messages from Radiant Love Guides

March 5th:


  • What is manifestation?
  • Tools for intentional manifestation 

March 12th:

Healing Energy

  • What is Healing Energy?
  • The different approaches to healing 
  • How to do visualized healing
  • How to care for your energy while offering healing for others
  • Group Energy Healing