Channeled Sessions

During channeling, I work with High Vibration Beings that assist me in energetically reviewing your past and present situation. Based on external influences, we will discuss practices and techniques that can help empower you to direct and guide yourself toward future goals.  I do see future timelines and my objective is to direct you towards the path that you desire, which also coincides with your wellness and happiness. Often during these sessions you can expect that I will be doing clearings and blessings to help facilitate this process. On occasion, ancestors and relations that operate as guides will visit from the astral plane to provide messages.

Mediumship Sessions

In Mediumship work the focus is on connecting with loved ones that have transitioned to the astral plane.  During these sessions, we will focus on one to two individuals in order to receive information regarding their wellness and any messages they might have to share with you.  If you are interested in a Mediumship session please note as such while scheduling.

Clearings and Blessings

During a clearing and blessing, I work to remove energies that are causing disruption or difficulty. These energies are often multi-dimensional and might not be obvious to someone who is not experienced in the minutia of moving energy. I have studied under several healers and have been taught extremely effective practices by my Guides of Radiant Love. I think of these techniques as a kind of computer programming but for energy. Please know that although we will ease the energy and provide support for success and health through these techniques, wellness must also be achieved through bringing thoughts and actions into alignment with health. Clearings and blessings do not solve problems in and of themselves – they simply make it easier to achieve alignment with your wellness. 


My goal in mentoring sessions is to help you to identify and understand your gifts and abilities. I will be directly channeling information from High Self, Spirit and other Radiant Love guides to give you tools specifically formulated for you.  My objective is through direction and guidance you will establish confidence, empowerment and joy.

Pricing For Sessions

60 Minutes $120
45 Minutes $90
30 Minutes $60

Places and Spaces Clearing and Blessings

I offer these Blessings largely because I personally have found it is valuable to have a vibrant and clear space. I can either come to your home or work space prepared with supplies to energetically cleanse the environment  and also imprint programs of prosperity and love.   In the process of clearing and blessing your space I will also set energetic boundaries so that you are choosing what energies are coming into experience. Intention is powerful and setting an intentional space of wellness, love and abundance is a very effective practice.  These blessings can be done over video or phone call as well.  I encourage you to follow your intuition as to what best suits you.

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