About Me

My Abilities

My abilities consist of being a natural healer, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and empath. Essentially this means that I see, hear and feel energy. This enables me to tune-in with people, feelings, spirits, past, present and future situations.

As a Channel I work with what I call Radiant Love Beings.  Ever since I was a child I would see and hear Divine Beings around me. These High Vibrational Consciousness provide beneficial and useful information for myself and my clients.

Mediumship abilities are also something I have experienced my entire life. This means I am able to see and connect with people who are not in this physical plane.

Healing work is something I intrinsically understand given that I feel and see the minutia of energy . I have studied under many great healers and ultimately defer to my Radiant Love Guides.

I do my best to be non-biased in my work and to be a clear Channel to our Guides and Loved Ones. I will also be transparent of my limitations. It is my highest priority that my clients feel safe, respected and valued in our work together.

The Mystical Beginnings

Lets go way back. I grew up in New Mexico and from the get go I had some very mystical experiences.

At night my dead Grandmother would tuck me in to bed. I would see angels above me. I would feel and envision what I perceived then as witches sending me spirit animals, especially owls to sit outside my window. I would invoke the spirit animals from my stuffed animals to guide me and keep me safe. I would look out the window for extraterrestrial beings with my McDonald’s binoculars.

Other experiences I had since I was a child were these visions, images, KNOWINGS of myself as different people and beings (like an angel) from different lifetimes and dimensions. These were palpable memories and I had no way of knowing that such a concept of past lives existed. I have a visceral memory of looking in the mirror and seeing a different face than the one I was born with in this realm.

My Grandfather had a ranch, there I would see the farmer who lived on the land before my grandfather did. I would see the indigenous people that lived there and I would see the old miner hiding in a tiny shack that was out in the middle of no-where. I had a strong inkling that my perceptions were more than imagination but it just did not seem necessary or relevant to share. What if people thought I was unhinged? A relevant thing to note is that I was not raised in any formal religion. I did feel like I had a very strong connection to a Divine Conciousness and was rigorous about praying and talking to the Divine Floating Beings I saw. This was not a taught trait but a very intuitive inclination from a very young age. As a child I would essentially take myself to church. After a few years I realized that that was not the place for me to best connect with my Higher Power. From there I explored religions and philosophy to the max. I would tell people that I would feel things and sense things and was told it was imaginary.

And So It Begins…

Skip to 30, I came to a life or death situation, this pulled me out of the intuitive closet. It became clear that my gifts were in fact real. I delved into studying my innate abilities. I learned many different healing modalities, energy work, spiritual practices and would meditate up to 5 hours a day for a period of time. In this period I also studied and learned under skilled and practicing channels and healers.

I have had my intuitive practice for over a decade now with many beautiful long-term clients. I am certified as a Spiritual Counselor and Psychology Empath and Certified Mental Health Practitioner and Healer.