As a forever student of my heart, I’m grateful to have been guided to Amanda.  Since I could remember there has been an inner beacon within me that is seeking its way to fully express itself in this lifetime.  Amanda has a unique way of guiding that grounds spiritual seeking with the human experience.  She’s able to explain complex ideas in ways that I can receive and integrate into my being.   She’s also funny, approachable, and has a lived human experience that she draws from to assist in my understanding of my path.  Amanda makes you feel heard, understood, and not alone, which the inner path can be at times.  

Part of my journey is to strengthen my own connection with the divine, this is where Amanda is pure magical divinity as she works to meet you where your soul path is.  She’s provided tools along my path, but more importantly, reminds me what I already know within me.  To remember.   

I am so grateful and blessed to have Amanda alongside my soul’s journey and my hope is that many get the gift of working with her.  Blessings.

-K.S. Austin, TX


Amanda is a gem. I truly trust her with some of my deepest heart issues. She’s been spot on, over and over again with me in her guidance. She’s a true empath and a very honest one. The combination of her compassion and genuine, authentic messaging, means everything to me. Sessions with her have been a rock to me in the pandemic and I’ve learned to just wait and ask her when my heart is really pulled. I have so much respect for her and the way she works with people. She can support growth, applaud wins, and call out what needs to adjust, but truly in the most gentle and supportive way. She’s truly the very kind guidance the world needs and I highly recommend working with her. 

-T.K. Los Angeles, CA


Work with Amanda is exceptionally healing and affirming. Her readings are deeply insightful and offer the kind of guidance and affirmation that it’s so difficult to access on one’s own. I left our session feeling lighter, more focused, and more hopeful than I had in months. She also provided me with some simple instructions/tools for meditation and self care that have proved incredibly helpful. A session with her is one of the best gifts I could have given myself, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who is struggling — with self doubt, self care, or any other spiritual malady that you can’t seem to shake.

-C.B. Austin, TX


I love to visit with Amanda when I’m feeling well with no particular issue. Her intuition is such that remarkably facilitates discovery within myself and guides explorations into realms of new spiritual growth.

Several years ago I had a problem with my eyes constantly watering. It had been going on for months. I had particular difficulty reading and driving as the problem was getting worse. During a visit Amanda noticed my discomfort and offered healing for my eyes. I graciously accepted- my relief was almost instantaneous and within several days my eyes were completely back to normal.

I look forward to my next visit with Amanda.

R.A. Austin, TX


I’ve now done two phone sessions with Amanda and what a difference my life has been in that short time. Working on myself for multiple reasons, Amanda has helped with clearing negative energy, which I would of never believed in two years ago or any of this spiritual beliefs but boy was I wrong. I have been able to to make changes I’ve struggled with for years and have had a sense of relief and happiness that I haven’t experienced in a long long time. I appreciate her attitude and levelness with how she takes in what you’re saying and what it is they [guides] are saying back. Again this is new to me but I’ve struggled for years looking for many answers to many different things and I finally feel like I’m moving out of my rut. Her openness and professionalism is second to none in whatever business it may be. Thank you for the change of life Amanda

-J.L. Denver, CO