I was never someone who had worked with a spiritual advisor/healer before, but after months of feeling really stuck in my life, I reached out to Amanda on a whim after a friend who had heard of her suggested it. What has transpired in my life after the last three months of working with her (5 phone sessions or so & 1 in-person session) has truly felt life-changing (I admit it’s hard for that not to sound trite but it’s true!). Where I was stuck before, I now feel like I am gliding through even when something is tough….and now feel empowered again and like I am able to truly manifest the life I want. The best way to describe it is like an unlocking…an unlocking of who I am and what I am capable of. She also really sees me – she immediately “saw” me even though we were on the phone and continues to see me as the person I feel I truly am – which is empowering in itself. Working with her feels light, easy and helpful and like exactly what I should be doing. And basically even though I never had one before, I now am that person who tells everyone I meet that I have a spiritual advisor and that they should get one too – and specifically Amanda

-L.K. New York,NY

Amanda is a gem. I truly trust her with some of my deepest heart issues. She’s been spot on, over and over again with me in her guidance. She’s a true empath and a very honest one. The combination of her compassion and genuine, authentic messaging, means everything to me. Sessions with her have been a rock to me in the pandemic and I’ve learned to just wait and ask her when my heart is really pulled. I have so much respect for her and the way she works with people. She can support growth, applaud wins, and call out what needs to adjust, but truly in the most gentle and supportive way. She’s truly the very kind guidance the world needs and I highly recommend working with her. 

-TIffany Los Angeles, CA

My experience through sessions with Amanda are so much greater than my words can describe. Initially, her space is a sanctuary, comfortable, peaceful and safe. Her energy is warm and relaxed.

I love to visit with Amanda when I’m feeling well with no particular issue. Her intuition is such that remarkably facilitates discovery within myself and guides explorations into realms of new spiritual growth.

Several years ago I had a problem with my eyes constantly watering. It had been going on for months. I had particular difficulty reading and driving as the problem was getting worse. During a visit Amanda noticed my discomfort and offered healing for my eyes. I graciously accepted- my relief was almost instantaneous and within several days my eyes were completely back to normal.

I look forward to my next visit with Amanda.

Reece, Austin, TX

I’ve now done two phone sessions with Amanda and what a difference my life has been in that short time. Working on myself for multiple reasons, Amanda has helped with clearing negative energy, which I would of never believed in two years ago or any of this spiritual beliefs but boy was I wrong. I have been able to to make changes I’ve struggled with for years and have had a sense of relief and happiness that I haven’t experienced in a long long time. I appreciate her attitude and levelness with how she takes in what you’re saying and what it is they [guides] are saying back. Again this is new to me but I’ve struggled for years looking for many answers to many different things and I finally feel like I’m moving out of my rut. Her openness and professionalism is second to none in whatever business it may be. Thank you for the change of life Amanda

-Justin, Denver, CO

Working with Amanda is much beyond what I have ever received from readings and healing work I have received from anyone else I have worked with.  She has the ability to connect on a deeper spiritual level with me and to put me at ease, even when discussing my deepest fears, questions and personal issues.  I feel an inner peace and validation in my ‘gut’ when working with her.  It is truly a sacred experience I am grateful to have.

After working with her, I feel weight lifted and my channels cleared. The freedom I experience after a session is a genuine gift. I am completely satisfied with her services and have already recommended her to several friends.

-Kristen, Austin, TX

After my meeting with Amanda I felt calmer than I had in months….I was able to sit comfortably, quietly, and just smile to myself as I remember ‘I am in my body and I needed to honor myself’. She reminded me that nurturing your soul and body is important, doing good things for myself is important.  I felt as if I had received a very healthy does of compassion from the experience as well. The things Amanda told me were insightful and introspective on many levels.  Her ability to be relatable as a human with the assistance of clairvoyance creates an atmosphere of safety and reception for otherworldly advice.

Amanda read my chakras, spoke with her spirit guides about me, brought objects that she felt appropriate for her meeting with me specifically, put on music that she felt attuned to me, cleansed my space, did a little feng shui, provided emotional and spiritual support, and basically brought the light! And not in the way I meant earlier, I thought this was going to be a light, easy experience, just a quick wave of the hand, quick chakra clean. Amanda really filled my space with light. She made it feel comfortable, safe, supported and guided, and left it for me to move, dance, sleep, and play in.  She set me up to work on developing my own light and to learn how to sustain it.

I am very satisfied with my experience with Amanda and would see her again. I have already recommended her to a number of friends and look forward to seeing her business to grow, not only for her monetary gain but also because of the spiritual insight and light she is able to bring to people lives.  Having this kind of work done is important in life, especially through transition. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet her will see that she is very special.

-Bethany, Austin, TX

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