Upcoming Events

Group Mentoring

Every Tuesdays in June 6PM to 7:30PM

Having a space of peers is often healing and expansive. During these meetings we will have a topic that we focus on, and each person will get an individual channeled message. Therefore everyone gets to learn from each person’s message while also receiving personal guidance.

The objective of the group is to build on skill sets that you already have acquired so that you are feeling empowered and stable. As sensitives many of us are being bombarded with information and energy. We will go over techniques to tend to our emotional, energetic and spiritual wellness. The Group Mentoring is likely to continue on in July but we will likely consider new dates and times. Also, I encourage you to reach out to me prior to meeting to suggest any topic that is of interest to you.

Intuitive Amplification Workshop

Thursday June 18th 6PM to 8PM

You are intuitively gifted! In fact we are all gifted. This virtual class will help to explore the different aspects of working with your intuition and how to connect with the invisible realm. We will amplify what you are already aware of and bring to light other abilities that you have not seen yet. This all level class is intended to help cultivate a new sense of power in yourself. If you have questions feel free to reach out. Included in this class is one 15 minute private coaching session.

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In Person Sessions at Yarrow and Sage

701 E. 53rd Street, Austin, TX 78751
In June, Every Saturday 12 to 6PM

Text or Email to Schedule