The Prosperity Plan

A transformational 90 day healing journey home to your power, purpose and prosperity

We will identify and deconstruct contradicting narratives that interfere with you achieving your hearts desires.

Through Activate Your Abundance you will calibrate into living a life of beautiful and fun CREATION rather than ongoing problem solving.

What You Get With this Prosperity Plan

✨️1 x 90 minute MAGICAL KICK-OFF CALL. This is where we crystallize your intentions and create a transformative plan tailored for you to tune into your heart’s truth and take aligned action to start living, working and loving from a place of purpose and power! It’s time for you to finally show up as the best version of yourself.
✨️9 x 1-Hour Intensive Coaching Sessions Here we will establish and implement the practical, tactical, magical steps to achieve the results.
✨️3 x 30-Minute Multi-Dimensional Clearing, Healing and Blessing.
 ✨️1 x 60-Minute Energy Alignment Session 

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