The Prosperity Plan

A transformational 90 day healing journey home to your power, purpose and prosperity

• Create a space where money, romance and opportunities are flowing into your life with ease and grace.

• Release beliefs and habits keeping you stuck in struggle to become a magnet for riches and feel deeply passionate, rich and lit-up within. 

• Make abundant choices instantaneously so you can expand your financial abundance and wealth potential. It’s time to transmute your wounds and willpower into an effortless manifestation of the perfect life, love, and legacy you’re here to create!

• Leave old patterns of low self-worth and no self-love at the door as you shift into a Goddess who feels safe and worthy to love and be loved on all levels. 

• Clear old relationship traumas and awaken the sacred love codes of your heart to manifest your dream man with divine ease, joy, and pleasure. 

What You Get

✨ 1 x 90 minute MAGICAL KICK-OFF CALL. This is where we crystallize your intentions and create a transformative plan tailored for you to tune into your heart’s truth and take aligned action to start living, working and loving from a place of purpose and power! It’s time for you to finally show up as the best version of yourself. VALUE: $300

✨ 9 x 1 hour intensive coaching sessions Here we will establish and implement the practical, tactical, magical steps to achieve the results. VALUE: $4,000

✨ 3 x 30 minute multi-dimensional clearing, healing and blessing. VALUE: $1000

✨ A personalized recorded Meditation VALUE: $250

Total Value $6,150

INVESTMENT: Usual pricing: $1,900 


 PAY IN FULL: $1500


✨1 x 90 minute energy alignment session valued at $200

✨1 x 15 minute weekly check-ins via message. Value $600