VIP Package with Amanda

Are You Ready to Activate the Unapologetic, More Authentic, More Energetic, Healed & Resilient Version of Yourself?

Are You Ready to To Embrace Abundance & Thrive In All Dimensions?

An Extraordinary Life Is Awaiting You…

To the person searching for a deeper sense of fulfillment, true purpose, and life-changing breakthrough…

Discover a Complete Road Map To Your Authentic Divine Self

Intuitive VIP Package is a 16-weeks intensive coaching program that harnesses the power of energy healing to connect you with your abundant potential.

As your mentor, I will be walking you through a ground-breaking process of dismantling resistance…

We will rewire the old programming and plug in tactics that will supply an unlimited source of wellness. Establishing these new approaches and patterns will ignite unconditional resilience and uplift your identity.

Simply put, over the course of 16 weeks, I will work with you to trigger a profound transformation in your life in which you’ll be able to:

Create a positive, radical, and lasting change in your habits, thoughts, and patterns.

Feel more empowered, build meaningful relationships, and earn an extraordinary income.

Attain peak performance and excel in all areas of life without any resistance.

Take charge of your subconscious state to melt away fears, anxiety, and mental blocks.

Connect with your inner wisdom and unleash a whole new level in life.

3 Leading Phases: One Brand New You


To get you from the life you currently have to the life where you really want to be; we will first explore the different layers in your mind. Together we will overwrite the ill-serving paradigms with new and empowering patterns that can set you on the path to ultimate success.


Now that your mind is unblocked from all the unwanted distractions, you’ll create a foundational shift in how you discern yourself and the world around you in this phase. With a blend of mindful practices, you will learn to align life with your most cherished desires, reclaim new confidence, and overcome challenges.


Being in proper alignment with your mind, body, and soul, we will go beyond the traditional approaches of manifesting abundance in this phase. You’ll savor the liberating process of making the universe your ally. We will unearth your biggest dreams and rediscover new inspiration while breaking free from the noise of uncertainty and self-doubt. By the end of this phase, you’ll have newfound clarity and control of your life.

What You Will Get Inside The Program

:1 focused coaching to help you grow and thrive in all aspects of life.

Simple yet highly effective techniques to reconnect with your highest self and open doors to endless possibilities.

Tailored mantras, guided meditations, and productive worksheets to kick start your spiritual awakening.

Clearings and blessings to create a sacred aura around you filled with continuous prosperity.

Powerful alignment practices to manifest dreams and goals that were off-limit for you before.

So, if you are ready for a mind-expanding journey to align with your authentic self and discover your unique purpose in life – get in touch!

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